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Mindful Art: A unifier project that meets your challenges

Becoming a Mindful Art partner and associating your name and your values with the world of Arts and culture in this project that brings meaning, broaden the vision and generates cohesion.
To let oneself observe the world through Mindful Art is to learn to cross our cultural limits by touching the universality of the human through the works of art.
Mindful Art is both an individual and intercultural approach through works of art for you, your brand, your partners and your collaborators.

The benefits of partnership with Mindful Art?

A win-win partnership with multiple advantages:

  • Engaging your employees and customers in an impactful approach
  • Working in a concrete way on societal commitment and diversity
  • Improving the visibility of your business by supporting the culture
  • Generating impactful and inspiring marketing content

Being Mindful Art partner is sharing a humanist, environmentalist vision by offering meditations in favour associations such as Doctors of the world or WeForest.

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Our Partners

Pascaline Haedrich
Digital Content Manager WeForest

Annouche Katzeff
Training, therapy and development academy