Mindful Art at the Museum
Art Passionately!

Museums, member of the Cultural world !
Offer a new vision on your collections!
Set up an original and captivating project.

musée mindful art

 Offer a new vision on your collections?
Set up an original and captivating project.
A differentiating cultural offer for your museum !

Open your doors to a new and unique cultural offer that will serve the reputation of  your art works beyond your walls.
Creating a Mindful Art project means offering a personal and enriching invitation to see with the heart and to live an intense emotional experience.
And particularly in this period of hardship when it is difficult to leave home, it is a way to keep the link with your audience and reach out to conquer new visitors!

Mindful Art(c) aimes to :

  1. Give a high level of interest and quality to visitor gaze to encourage them to explore museums richnesses.
  2. Open up the museum space to the newcomers to the field  
  3. Offering art lovers a space to refresh and renew their approach to works of art.

Mindful Art Méditation

Statue Préhistorique
Mindful Art Méditation

Van Gogh
Mindful Art Méditation

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