Mindful Art X Afghanistan
Connecting with art and our humanity to support Afghan Women

An Exceptional Charity Event & Crowdfunding !

Mindful Art X Afghanistan highlights the beauty of Afghanistan and supports Afghan women

Everyone still remembers the scenes of chaos that followed the Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan.

For women in actual Afghanistan, managing the daily life of feeding their families is very difficult. Intellectuals, Activists and journalists have lost their jobs but have children and families and should take care of them.  Some of these activists also focus on conducting advocacy campaigns to defend equality and give voice to those excluded from their basic rights. They need to be supported financially.

We have decided to mobilize by offering MINDFUL ART X Afghanistan a Crowdfunding operation, and an Exceptional Charity Event 100% online event

MINDFUL ART X Afghanistan : project mobilize over 30 people, more than 20 artists from all over the world, 50 original art works, “photography, painting and music”, in a social responsibility project to help women and girls living in post-Taliban Afghanistan :

✅ Until 15/01/2022 You can acquire ORIGINAL Art pieces as counterpar ts through Mindful ART X Afghanistan Crowdfunding
✅ On 16/01/2022 from 15 pm to 19 pm CET an 100 % online live event with talks, dance, poems … we will enjoy the presence of Pierre Lemarquis, Reza Photojournalist, Fahima Mirzaie soufi dancer and many others.

Transparency is a priority for us. To ensure transparency, we will have a regular report to those who participate in this project financially.

We keep track of the money we receive. We identify these groups will share details about their situation and work concepts and the amount of financial assistance that will be distributed by the monitoring team. We thoroughly check the entire profile with a team of journalists and human rights activists entering Afghan society.Raziya Massoumi Lowyer and human rights activist, journalist Massoud Hosseyni (AFP, AP), and Kamran Ashtary artist and human rights defender are part of this team.

Mindful Art X l’Afghanistan Crowdfunding with ORIGINAL Art pieces

20 Artists from all over the world donate their original Art works to support
Mindful Art X Afghanistan CROWDFUNDDING
The funds raised will help to support the women of Afghanistan
Mehdi Farhadian ( exposed at British Museum) , Massoud Hosseini ( AP, AFP correspondant), Laetitia Vançon ( New York times photographer ) are among the artists who have offered their works.

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Mindful Art x Afghanistan EVENT Sunday January 16th : a 100% online solidarity event

The Agenda of the Event

  • 3:00 p.m. Persian and Pashtun poetry
  • 3.15 p.m. Dr Pierre Lemarquis neuroscientist: Art: connecting to the awareness of beauty as a key to moving towards a more empathetic world FR with English translation
  • 4:15 p.m. Marjan Abadie: Mindful Art experience by (English / French)
  • 5:30 p.m. Reza Deghati: Essential is invisible (English)
  • 6.30 p.m. Marjan Abadie How practicing beauty awareness can bring about a more peaceful world. Mindfulness and the Sufi Path by Marjan (French)
  • 6:50 p.m. Persian and Pashto poetry with French / English translation
  • 7:00 p.m. Afghan Sufi Dance by Fahima Mirzaei Swirl Dancer from Afghanistan
  • 7.15 p.m. Open discussion (English / French)
Fatima Hasani

Practical Information & Registration

During the Mindful Art Experience session some privacy is necessary and we have a limited number of places. This is why we invite you to reserve your place by registering. Other parts of the event will be freely broadcast on our social networks : Facebook, Instagram et youtube

Photos Faquia Soltani and Fatima Hasani